The Challenge

The Springbok challenge was created and designed to give elite long range shooters the perfect canvas to display their honed skills.  Add the element of the hunt, competition and agile Springbok, and it becomes the most difficult and exclusive competition in the world.  Every shooters talent, ethics, strategy and ability to compete will ultimately determine the Springbok Challenge champion.

The Details

Limited to four participants per challenge, each participant will be paired at random with a P.H. and hunting area each day.  The shoot-in will determine draw order for the competition, so every shot counts.

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The Springbok Grand Slam

Without a doubt one of the most impressive displays of a African species, your target will be to take a full slam during the competition.

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The Location

The Kalahari is one of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes on earth.  From the ever-shifting red sand dunes to the grassland and bush, this will be your hunting location, a place that will be with you forever.

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Next Steps...

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