Deciding how to spend an advertising budget can be a difficult and dangerous task for any company.  Finding the best platform or event to place your products and brand that can deliver ROI and the data to deliver returns beyond the initial investment is crucial.

The Long Range Challenge is not just an event, it represents the best in the sport and the commitment required to excel,  just like the brands we partner with. A banner on a fence in the deserts of Africa is not going to deliver...anything.  Reflections Media group is the center of delivering ROI for our corporate sponsors.



Reflections Media is one of the premier content creators in the outdoor industry.  Sponsors will receive strategic content, product placement, distribution over RMG's earned and paid outlets that deliver real data, real results for your investment.

Distribution, direct link e-commerce, embedded content on sponsor's platform and Outdoor Producers Network all lead to a strategy that will deliver results.  A portion of every budget is directed to distribution of brand and content across multiple targeted social, earned and paid media sites, all with the analytics to back it up.

Give us a call and we can discuss your specific needs and marketing strategy. With three levels of Corporate Sponsorship we can deliver the results you need on a budget delivers great value and ROI.  We look forward to helping your brand reach your customers and having your brand as part of the Long Range Challenge.