The devil is in the here they are.  Only four participants per challenge will be invited for the competition.  All participants applying must agree to the rules and terms of the competition before submitting a request to attend the competition.

What’s are the dates, location and cost?

Dates of Challenge – August 01 -07, 2018

Location – Kalahari, South Africa

Hunt Provider - FM Safaris,

Arrival – August 01, Upington South Africa

Departure – August 07, Upington, South Africa

Cost - $4,450 Per participant

What is the Competition Outline?


Conducted on first full day in camp

Long Range Skills Challenge – (This challenge determines draw order for PH, Hunting Locations each day)

Ten targets will be placed at various yardage from shooting position at 100 to 1000 yards

Each participant will be limited to 20 rounds of ammunition for this competition

The Scoring

Shooter is scored by the following criteria-

  1. Total time to score “hit” on all ten targets, each shooter is given 20 minutes = 2000 points, the total time is deducted from the original 2000 points.
  2. Each target is worth 1 point per yard, (300 yard target is worth 300 points). Each target must be hit starting with the 100 yard target to the 1000 yard target in order. (5,500 total points)
  3. At least two targets must be hit in the sitting position (2x multiple)
  4. At least one target must be hit in standing / off-hand position (3x multiple)
  5. Each round used over the 10th round deducts 200 points per round
  6. Only one firearm may be used for competition
  7. Shooter must be registered and paid in full prior to competition
  8. 1000 point penalty for not hitting all 10 targets in allotted time.
  9. Each shooter's total score will be compiled at end of competition to determine choice of hunting location, draw order for PH, etc.
  10. Shooter's score will be compiled at end of each day's competition to determine draw order, hunting location choice, PH, etc. for the next day's competition.


The Springbok Challenge

Days 3-5

Springbok provide the ultimate test for any shooter.  Springbok are agile, athletic animals that are quick to flight and offer a small target. Each participant will be awarded 5 Springbok tags, PH and vehicle for the competition.

The Springbok Challenge will be scored and judged as follows-

  1. 1 point for each yard to animal on initial shot as determined by PH / Judge’s rangefinder.  Secondary shot(s) yardage is not calculated into score.
  2. 5x multiple on initial one shot harvest over 500 yards
  3. 2x multiple on initial one shot harvest over 300 / under 500 yards
  4. 2500 base points for each springbok harvested plus following multiples
  5. 10x multiple on SCI unofficial score (one judge scorer for all animals)
  6. 1x multiple for common Springbok (must harvest min of 2 common Springbok)
  7. 2x multiple for White Springbok
  8. 3x multiple for Copper Springbok
  9. 4x multiple for Black Springbok

Rules Cont-

  1. 7500 bonus points for "slam” harvested – (1 copper, 1 black, 1 common, 1 white)
  2. 250 points deducted for each shot taken during competition, including initial shot.
  3. Full base points, multiple for species and 1000 point penalty for wound-loss animals, lost animal counts against the total of 5 Springbok
  4. The competition ground is divided into three “hunting areas”, each participant must hunt each “area” over the course of the competition
  5. All decisions by judges / PH in field are final, PH has full authority during hunting activities and must be abided by at all times by participants.
  6. Participants are not allowed to compensate, tip, barter or any other type of offer to influence PH / Judge that would alter the competition in an unfair advantage or violate established rules of the competition. Any participant that is found to have cheated or influenced for an unfair advantage will be disqualified from challenge.  Participants are encouraged to tip PH, staff upon completion of the competition as part of standard practice in the industry.


  1. Participants may use the (legal) equipment of their choosing, some sponsor equipment not associated directly with participants long range equipment may be used by judges, teams and staff.
  2. Participants may be sponsored.
  3. All sponsored participants are responsible for delivery of value to respective sponsors.
  4. Corporate Sponsorship may compete with team sponsors.
  5. Competition will be filmed and distributed.
  6. Participants may film their competition via own film crew or self filmed. (additional fees for crew, travel, etc will apply.)

What is / not included with entry fee?

Not included in Entry Fee –

  1. Travel to and from Upington Airport (a shuttle for all teams will be arranged), estimated cost is $200.00 per participant for round trip shuttle.
  2. Flights to / from Upington international airport
  3. VAT taxes on trophies
  4. Taxidermy (not required)
  5. Dip / Pack / Export of trophies
  6. Personal goods and services
  7. Tips / Gratuities
  8. Ammunition
  9. Firearm(s)
  10. Additional hunting / trophy fees
  11. Firearm permits
  12. All meat is property of landowner, will be donated to children's orphanage

What is provided during competition-

  1. Lodging
  2. Meals / Drinks
  3. PH / Tracker
  4. Transportation during competition
  5. Skinning / Trophy Care
  6. 5 Springbok Trophy fees
  7. Daily rate / guide fees 
  8. Liquor (basic bar, if you have personal choices, you can purchase in Upington)

A packing list of recommended / required item will be provided to each participant upon deposit of entry fee.  All entries must accompany a 50% deposit, balance is due 45 day prior to arrival for competition.  Deadline for entries is May 30, 2018.


What is the prize package?

1st place - 

First place participant will receive bronze presentation trophy, sponsor products and a three species Safari. (winner can arrange to hunt additional species at conclusion of competition)

2nd place - 

Second place participant will receive a presentation trophy and selected sponsor products.

3rd place -

Third place participant will receive a presentation trophy and selected sponsor products.

4th place -

Fourth place participant will  receive presentation trophy, and selected sponsor products.